Who Fears the Devil? Arkham House 1963 (hc); Ballantine 1964 (pb) Star [UK] 1974 (pb) Dell 1980 (pb)
John’s My Name 
O Ugly Bird! 
Why They’re Named That 
One Other 
Then I Wasn’t Alone 
Shiver in the Pines 
You Know the Tale of Hoph 
Old Devlins Was A-Waiting 
Find the Place Yourself 
The Desrick on Yandro! 
The Stars Down There 
Vandy, Vandy 
Blue Monkey 
Dumb Supper (orig “Call Me From the Valley”) 
I Can’t Claim That 
The Little Black Train 
Who Else Could I Count On? 
Walk Like a Mountain 
None Wiser for the Trip 
On the Hills and Everywhere 
Nary Spell 
Nine Yards of Other Cloth 
The Voice of the Mountains - The Life and Writings of Manly Wade Wellman 
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