John the Balladeer
Baen 1988 paper back ; Science Fiction Book Club 1989 hard back 
         “Manly in the Mountains”; Introduction by David Drake 
         “Just Call Me John”; Foreword by Karl Edward Wagner, 

         O Ugly Bird! 

         The Desrick on Yandro 

         Vandy, Vandy 

         One Other 

         Call Me From the Valley 

         The Little Black Train 

         Shiver in the Pines 

         Walk Like a Mountain 

         On the Hills and Everywhere 

         Old Devlins Was A-Waiting 

         Nine Yards of Other Cloth 

         Wonder as I Wander:
      -Some Footprints on John’s Trail Through Magic Mountains 
         Farther Down the Trail 
         Trill Coster’s Burden 

         The Spring 

         Owls Hoot in the Daytime 

         Can These Bones Live? 

         Nobody Ever Goes There
The Voice of the Mountains - The Life and Writings of Manly Wade Wellman c 2001 Daniel Ross Updated March 31, 2006