Wellman Bibliographical Miscellany 
This is, as far as I know, this is the most complete listing of Wellman's non-Weird Tales-eque writings that there is.  Again, this is from Mark Cannon's huge bibliography of which this is only one section.  Also included in his bibliography are listings of poetry, plays, articles, published letters, writings about Wellman and on and on. 

Adult Fiction

A Double Life [movie screenplay novelisation] Century Publications 1947 (pb) - mystery

Find My Killer   Farrer, Strauss & Co 1947; Oxford [Canada] 1947 (hc); Sampson Low [UK] 1948; Signet 1949/1958 (pb) - mystery

Fort Sun Dance   Dell 1955 (pb); Corgi [UK] 1955 (pb) - novel of the old west

Candle of the Wicked   Putnam 1960 (hc) - novel of the old west

Not at These Hands   Putnam 1962 (hc) - novel

Novels For Young Adults

The Sleuth Patrol   Junior Literary Guild & Thomas Nelson 1947 (hc)

The Mystery of Lost Valley   Junior Literary Guild & Thomas Nelson 1948 (hc) as Das Geheimnis des einsamen Tales Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft (Germany) 1950

The Raiders of Beaver Lake   Thomas Nelson, 1950 (hc)

The Haunts of Drowning Creek   Holiday House 1951 (hc)

Wild Dogs of Drowning Creek   Holiday House 1952 (hc)

The Last Mammoth   Holiday House 1953 (hc)

Gray Riders: Jeb Stuart and His Men   Aladdin 1954 (hc)

Rebel Mail Runner   Holiday House 1954 (hc)

Flag on the Levee   Washburn 1955 (hc)

To Lands Unknown   Holiday House 1956 (hc); Saunders [Canada] 1956
Young Squire Morgan  Washburn 1956 (hc)

Lights over Skeleton Ridge   Washburn 1957 (hc)

The Ghost Battalion: A Story of the Iron Scouts   Washburn 1958 (hc)

Ride, Rebels!: Adventures of the Iron Scouts Washburn 1959 (hc)

Appomattox Road: Final Adventures of the Iron Scouts Washburn 1960 (hc)

Third String Center   Washburn 1960 (hc)

Rifles at Ramsour's Mill: A Tale of the Revolutionary War   Washburn 1961 (hc)

Many Are the Hearts.  A Play in One Act North Carolina Confederate Centennial Commission 1961 (pb)

Battle for King's Mountain   Washburn 1962 (hc)

Clash on the Catawba   Washburn 1962 (hc)

The River Pirates   Washburn 1963 (hc)

Settlement on Shocco: Adventures in Colonial Carolina   John R Blair 1963 (hc)

The South Fork Rangers   Washburn 1963 (hc)

The Master of Scare Hollow   Washburn 1964 (hc)

The Great Riverboat Race: A Tale of the “Natchez” and the Robert E Lee” Washburn 1965 (hc)

Mystery at Bear Paw Gap   Washburn 1965 (hc)

Battle of Bear Paw Gap   Washburn 1966 (hc)

The Specter of Bear Paw Gap   Washburn 1966 (hc)

Jamestown Adventure   Washburn 1967 (hc)

Brave Horse: The Story of Janus   Colonial Williamsburg & Holt, Rinehart 1968 (hc & pb))

Carolina Pirate   Washburn 1968 (hc)

Frontier Reporter   Washburn 1969 (hc)

Mountain Feud   Washburn 1969 (hc)

Napoleon of the West: A Story of the Aaron Burr Conspiracy   Washburn 1970 (hc)

Fast Break Five   Washburn 1971 (hc)


  Giant in Gray: A Biography of Wade Hampton of South Carolina   Scribners 1949 (hc); Saunders [Canada] 1949 ; Morningside Books 1996 (hc)- biography

Dead and Gone: Classic Crimes of North Carolina   University of North Carolina Press 1954 (hc) / 1980 (pb); Oxford [UK] 1955 - history - true crime

Glory, God and Gold: A Narrative History    Doubleday 1954 (hc) - history

Rebel Boast: First at Bethel - Last at Appomattox   Henry Holt & Co 1956 (hc); McLeod [Canada] 1956; Greenwood Press 1974 - history

Fastest on the River: The Great Race Between the “Natchez” and the Robert E Lee”   Henry Holt & Co 1957(hc) - history

The Life and Times of Sir Archie: the Story of America’s Greatest Thoroughbread (with Elizabeth Amis Blanchard)  University of North Carolina Press 1958 (hc) - equestrian

The County of Warren, North Carolina, 1586-1917 University of North Carolina Press 1959 (hc); Oxford [UK] 1960 - history

They Took Their Stand: The Founders of the Confederacy   Putnam 1959 (hc); Longmans [Canada] 1959 - history

The Rebel Songster (with Frances Wellman)  Heritage House 1959 (hc) - history

Harpers Ferry, Prize of War   McNally and Loftin 1960 - history

The County of Gaston (with Robert F Cope)  Gaston County Historical Society 1961 (hc) - history

The County of Moore 1847-1947   Moore County Historical Society 1962 - history

Winston-Salem in History: The Founders   J F Blair 1966 (hc)  - history

Dogs, Devils and Demons by Louis L Vine, DVM (large sections ghost-written by Wellman)  Exposition Press 1971 (hc) - history

The Kingdom of Madison: A Southern Mountain Fastness and Its People University of North Carolina Press 1973 (hc); Worldcomm Press (pb) 1996 - history

The Story of Moore County    Moore County Historical Society 1974 (hc) - history


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