Wellman in TV and Film
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Larroes Catch Meddlers:-
Adapted for television for Lights Out as “The Meddlers”.
1952 (Aired:- 7 July 1951)
Screenwriter:- Douglas Wood Gibson, Richard E Davis
Starring:- John Carradine, E G Marshall, Dan Morgan

School for the Unspeakable:-
Adapted for television for Lights Out as “The School for the Unspeakable”.
1952 (Aired:- 7 January 1952)
Screenwriter:- Richard E Davis
Starring:- Donald Buka, Don Hanmer, Leon Tokatyan, Dick Kallman, Maurice Kenney, Jason Jonson, John Gerstad, Harold Webster

The Valley Was Still:-
Adapted for television for The Twilight Zone as “Still Valley
1961 (Originally aired:- 24 November 1961)
Director:- James Sheldon
Screenwriter:- Rod Serling
Starring:- Gary Merrill (Paradine), Vaughn Taylor (Old Man), Ben Cooper (Dauger), Addison Myers (Sentry); Mark Tapscott (Lieutenant), Jack Mann (Mallory)

The Devil is Not Mocked:-
Adapted for television for Night Gallery.
1971 (Originally aired:- 27 October 1971)
Director:- Gene Kearney
Screenwriter:- Gene Kearney
Starring:- Helmut Dantine (General), Francis Lederer (Master), Hank Brandt (Kranz)
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Who Fears The Devil? 1972 (Jack Harris) [feature film]
(edited and re-released as The Legend of Hillbilly John 1973) - 89 minutes
Producer:- Barney Rosenzweig
Director:- John Newland
Screenwriter:- Melvin Levy
Editor:- Russell Schoengarth
Cinematographer:- Flemming Olsen
Composer:- Roger Kellaway
Starring:- Hedge Capers (John), Susan Strasberg (Poly Wiltse), Denver Pyle (Grandpappy John), Severn Darden (Mr Marduke), Percy Rodriguez (Capt Lojoie H Desplain IV), R G Armstrong (Bristowe); Sharon Henesy (Lily); Sidney Clute (Charles); William Traynor (Rev. Millen); Harris Yulin (Zebulon Yandro); Alfred Ryder (O J Onselm); Chester Jones (Uncle Anansi); Val Avery (Cobart); “White Lightnin’” (themselves); “Honor Hound” (himself).

Film based on the character of John.  Two segments of the film were based on the stories O Ugly Bird and The Desrick on Yandro.

Rouse Him Not:-
Adapted for TV for Monsters, 1988 (Originally aired:- December 1988)
Director:- Mark Shostrom
Writer:- Michael Parry
Starring:- Laraine Newman, Alex Cord, Terrance Evans

School for the Unspeakable
(on tape with Unfortunate Obsession by Matthew Costello)
Audio Cassette
Brilliance Corp 1997

Up Under the Roof
2010 short film (35mm, 20 minutes)
Producer:- Danielle Stallings & Darin Read
Director:- Darin Read
Screenwriter:- Danielle Stallings & Darin Read
Starring: -Jonathan Milliken, Shawnna Youngquist, Geoff Elliot, Jill Hill, Vince Froio, Alice Taylor and voice of Greg Finley

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