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The Third Cry to Legba and Other Invocations Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman - Vol. 1
2000 ISBN:
Volume 1 (Third Cry to Legba and Other Invocations) collects Wellman’s John Thunstone and Lee Corbet stories.

The Devil is Not Mocked and Other Warnings Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman - Vol. 2
2001 ISBN:

Fearful Rock and Other Precarious Locales Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman - Vol. 3
2001 ISBN:
Reprints Wellman’s “Judge Pursivant” and “Sergeant Jaeger” stories, as well as a lost classic that has not been reprinted since its original publication in Strange Stories, in 1939. 

Sin’s Doorway and Other Ominous Entrances Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman - Vol. 4
2003 ISBN:
Catching the rest of the Wellman
Miscellany, from mountain mythos to Lovecraft tribute.

Owls Hoot in the Daytime & Other Omens Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman - Vol. 5
2003 ISBN: 1-892389-23-1
This volume contains all of the John the Balladeer stories (sometimes better known as Silver John), Manly's most famous character.


1973Worse Things Waiting, Carcosa Press (K. E. Wagner ed)
One of the few books to come out of Karl Edward Wagner's Carcosa Press, it is a fine collection of early Wellman fiction ranging from his southern mountain folklore regulars to supernatural Civil War stories.

1981Lonely Vigils, Carcosa Press (K. E. Wagner ed)
One of the other few books from Carcosa Press collecting the stories of Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant and John Thunstone.

1987The Valley So Low: Southern Mountain Stories
Doubleday (K. E. Wagner ed)

This is a fine collection of Wellman's most recent Appalachian tales written in the 70's and 80's. Tales about Judge Pursuivant, John Thunstone, Silver John and others all make appearances.


The Invading Asteroid Stellar Publishing Corporation 1932 (pb - chapbook)

Romance in Black [as Gans T. Field] Utopian Publications [UK] 1946 (? undated - pirated pb)

Sojarr of Titan Prize / Crestwood 1949 (pb)

The Beasts from Beyond World Fantasy Classics [UK], 1950 (pb)
Sci-fi in the Appalachian landscape with Lovecraftian undertones.

The Devil's Planet World Fantasy Classics [UK], 1951 (pb)

Giants from Eternity Avalon 1959 (hc); Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction: The Gold Collection, Volume 2 Global 1976 (CD ROM)

The Dark DestroyersAvalon 1959 (hc); Ace 1960 [abridged] (pb)
Terra Utopische Romane #130 (Germany) 1959 as Die Kaltzeller

One half of an Ace Double Novel Book.  Fifty years after Ice creatures have invaded the Earth, one man travels to their stronghold to find their Achilles Heel.

Island in the Sky Avalon 1961 (hc)
Zutopia Zukenftsromane #88 (Germany) undated; circa 1957 as Die Fligende Insel

The Solar Invasion Popular Library 1968 [Captain Future] (pb)
A sci-fi space adventure starring "Captain Future" as he fights a fiend from the fifth dimension who threatens to destroy the universe.

Sherlock Holmes's War of the Worlds [with Wade Wellman] Warner 1975 (pb)
as La Guerra dei Mondi di Sherlock Holmes [Italy] Urania 1981

A look at what Professor Challenger's and Sherlock Holmes's involvement in the invasion of Earth by Martians would have been like.

1988Twice In Time, Baen Books (Intro by K. E. Wagner)
Two Wellman stories on time travel and an essay by Leah Bodine Drake.

The Beyonders   Warner 1977 (pb); Baen 1989 (pb)
An Appalachian village learn of a portal leading to a Lovecraftian race of ancient trans-dimensional creatures plotting the takeover and enslavement of the human race.

Cahena: A Dream of the Past  Doubleday 1986 (hc)
Wellman's last book, about an African warrior princess 


All originally published in hardback by Doubleday, then later in paperback by Berkley.

1979The Old Gods Waken
European druids of the evil sort, come to claim a bit of land in the mountains known for its ancient power. One of the best in the series of John novels.

1980 After Dark
The Shonokins try to trick John into helping restore them to their former power. Go here to see a more in depth review.

1981The Lost and the Lurking
A desolate village is run by a power grubbing witch trying to gain world domination by sacrificing John to darkness.

1982 The Hanging Stones
John has a two-sided fight dealing with wolf demons and the money grubbing industrialist who wants to build an amusement park in the demons' territory. The central attraction being a recreation of Stonehenge.

1984 The Voice of the Mountain
There's a lonely and haunting sound that comes from Cry Mountain, and as John tries to find out the source of the sound, he encounters many mythical creatures of folk legend as well as the sorcerer who controls them. 

1963 Who Fears the Devil?, Arkham House (August Derleth ed)The collected tales of John the Balladeer, but like many Arkham House collections, Derleth rewrote many of the stories himself in order to fit the collection into a more one story line, novel format. As anyone would be, Wellman wasn't terribly happy about that.

1988 John the Balladeer, Baen Books (K. E. Wagner ed with a forward by David Drake)

This is the ultimate paperback collection of Silver John stories, putting together all of the stories and fragments used in the Arkham House collection Who Fears The Devil? but reprinted in an unmolested form straight from their original appearances in the pulps. This also collects all of the newest John stories made since 1963.

Please check out the blogger Balladeer's reviews of the Silver John stories.

All originally published in hardback by Doubleday

1983 What Dreams May Come
Thunstone visits a rural hamlet in England where a prehistoric effigy of a human on the side of a mountain emanates with supernatural power that can affect dreams and even create inter dimensional time travel.

1985 The School of Darkness
Thunstone runs across his arch-enemy Rowley Thorne at a symposium on American folklore.  On Thorne's side is a coven of witches, on Thunstone's are his comrades Judge Persuivant, Ruben Manco and more.

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