The Valley So Low: Southern Mountain Stories (edited by Karl Edward Wagner) Doubleday 1987 (hc)

[J]     = John The Balladeer
[LC] = Lee Cobbett

[JP]  = Judge Persuivant

[JT]  = John Thunstone

[HS] = Hal Stryker

    Introduction by Karl Edward Wagner
    Trill Coster’s Burden [J]

    The Spring [J]

    Owls Hoot in the Daytime [J]

    Can These Bones Live? [J]

    Nobody Ever Goes There [J]

    Where Did She Wander? [J]

    A Witch For All Seasons  (originally by “Gans T Field”)  [LC]

    The Beasts That Perish [LC]

    Willow He Walk [LC]

    Chastel [JP/LC]

    Rouse Him Not [JT]

    Hundred Years Gone [HS]

    Keep Me Away [HS]

    Yare [HS]


    The Petey Car

    Along About Sundown

    What of the Night

    Dead Man’s Chair (as “Rock Rock”)



    The Ghastly Priest Doth Reign

    Goodman’s Place

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